Popeye the Sailor was an animated TV series produced for syndication through King Features Syndicate that ran from 1960 to 1962 for 220 episodes.


After seeing the success the original Popeye shorts had when sold to ‘‘’Associated Artists Productions’’’ and syndicated on television in the late 1950’s , King Features Syndicate decided to produces a new series, specifically for television syndication.
The series was rushed into production; due to bad research king features assumed the character of Bluto was created by Fleischer Studios and therefore own by Paramount. To avoid having to pay royalties the character of Brutus was created to replace him. to cut costs the background and character art was simplified and Animation was farmed off to several different Studios, Larry Harmon Pictures, Rembrandt Films/Halas and Batchelor, Gerald Ray Studios, Jack Kinney Productions and Paramount Cartoon Studios. 220 Episodes were product between 1960 and 1962.
Despite the low budget the cartoons were a huge ratings success and children loved them. They were aired in syndication in the United States well into the 1990s. The episodes featured many characters from the original Thimble Theatre comic strip not seen in the theatrical series including the Sea Hag, Toar, Rough House and King Blozo. This series marked the last time Mae Questel would voice Olive Oyl.